About IAIE

IAIE (The Institute to Advance International Education)

A full-service education consulting agency | Your professional development team.

Now, we serve clients everywhere on the planet, but we began our life as a California consulting agency in 2014 working with educators in northern China. For example, in winter 2015, IAIE sent a team of teacher educators to work with over 300 teachers of English in the cities of Shenyang and Benxi, Liaoning Province, China. In time, we found that our resources and expertise in literacy and technology had broad appeal. We offer professional development solutions to teachers, schools, educational agencies, and businesses based on our model of listening carefully to what our clients tell us. In addition to our on-the-ground professional development events, we are offering affordable professional development online to our clients.


Our leadership team includes some of the best in the literacy and professional development business. Meet them in the Slideshare presentation, below.