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What’s New at IAIE? – IAIE
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Generating Content for your Blog


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Do you have a case of writer’s block? Check out our mini-elearning module for several techniques to get the blogging ideas flowing again. At the end, we’ll send you a free blog planner in Excel if you like. Test y yourself at the end (we know your privacy is important, so we never collect data in our elearning modules).  The whole module will take about 6 minutes. Click “Launch” and get started.

Spring Resource Roundup

What’s New in April at IAIE? 

If you have thought about starting your own blog, perhaps the first step is deciding where your blog is going to live in the blogosphere.  Find a list with some notes about several platforms here and here.

On Literacy Beat, SpaceX engineer Cal Anderson visits with teacher Joe Assof and Professor Cynthia H. Brock about the literacies and expectations of mechanical engineering.

Education Resource Roundup

Education Resource Roundup

Discover how MonkeyLearn can help improve the keywords you select to promote your online content in this review of the keyword comparison extractor tool that relies on machine learning to make your writing life easier.

Also on Literacy Beat, Don Leu of the University of Connecticut joins us as a technology and literacy influencer this month.

Finally, Dr. Karen E. Smith and Dr. Thomas DeVere Wolsey are pleased to announce that the Blog Stars workshop and community will soon be available in Webinar-on-demand format.

Correct all grammar errors with Grammarly!

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St. Patrick’s Day Resource Roundup

St. Patrick's Day

St. Patrick’s Day

What’s new in March at IAIE? 

Data Monsters is a new initiative based in Moscow, Russia. IAIE is providing editing services for their Monstragrams project.

Read Dr. Wolsey’s review of Grammarly.

Free & Quick Proofreading from Grammarly!

Ian O’Byrne, an Assistant Professor of Literacy Education interviewed Kurt Becker, a Professor in the Department of Engineering Education (ENE) at Utah State University contributed a podcast about topics from engineering, engineering education, STEM, design, and cognition to the Literacy in the Disciplines Interview Project. Click the link and listen to the podcast on Literacy Beat.

Education Resource Roundup

Education Resource Roundup

Also on Literacy Beat, check out this compilation of resources for teaching argumentation.

There are many Learning Management Systems (LMS) from which to choose. What features should decision-makers look at most closely? Read this post on LinkedIn Pulse for some ideas that might be useful to instructors and learners.

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Read Across America 2016


March 2 is Read Across America Day. Want to get involved? It’s easy!


Find resources, teaching ideas, and event planning tips on the NEA website and pledge to sponsor an event. Don’t forget to take a look at some photos from last year’s event.

To keep the momentum going, March 3 is World Book Day. The World Book Day website if filled with great resources and toolkits.

Free Standard Shipping for all Book Orders Over $35 at The Scholastic Store Online! Shop now!

Presidents’ Day Resource Roundup

By Thomas DeVere Wolsey

Education Resource Roundup

Education Resource Roundup

Several new education resources for parents and teachers made their appearance in January and February this year.

On Literacy Beat, I posted a collection of links with descriptions for several online dictionaries and glossaries. If the language and acronyms of special education, teaching strategies, technology education and other specialized fields seems bewildering, start here.

Some of Literacy Beat’s most popular posts last year dealt with using cognates for vocabulary building, the vocabulary self-collection strategy plus technique, and differentiation with technology. Catch up on these popular posts.

The SOLOM or Student Oral Language Observation Matrix has been around for quite a while. Now, it is available as a spreadsheet that automatically calculates scores for teachers. Read about it and download your own copy:

With so many good books available, parents and teachers need a kick start to find just the right book on just the right topic. Fortunately, there is an app for that from BYU’s Creative Works.  Read more about Kids’ Book Finder and get the app for iPhone and iPad (Android version is in the works).

To round out this roundup, IAIE has begun a series of Parents’ Guides. The first explains ideas and teaching techniques teachers use in many classrooms, often as part of the Common Core State Standards Initiative.  Get your paper copy on CreateSpace (An Amazon Company) or on Kindle or paper directly from Amazon.

New Website


IAIE just released a new and updated website on September 1, 2015. If you are reading this post, you found it! Please take a few minutes to poke around and see what has changed.

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What’s New August 27, 2015


September Professional Development

Vivacious Vocabulary: Mamie Spillane presents a free webinar for teachers of English language learners on September 12. Click here to learn more or here to register on our LeadPages site.

What’s Cooking?

Stop by often to learn about these upcoming events

Disciplinary Literacy: Webinar series

Becoming a Blog Star: Webinar series with Karen E. Smith and Thomas DeVere Wolsey.

New Research

Dr. Wolsey is heading up a study with colleagues from Western Carolina University, California State University-East Bay, Brigham Young University, and Kutztown University to document the mediating factors and actions of first year teachers in their new teaching assignments.