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Keyword Comparison Extractor for SEO


By Thomas DeVere Wolsey 

After you type the final period of the final sentence on blog post or webpage, you may be ready to heave a sigh of relief.  Go ahead and grab some coffee, go for a walk, or watch some reruns of your favorite television series.

But you still have work to do once you have taken that break.  If people are going to find your words of wisdom, you have to do a few things to help them.  Search engine optimization (also known as SEO) requires that the keywords people might use to find you are the ones that will move your page to the top of Google’s (or any other engine’s) ranking.


MonkeyLearn’s Keyword Comparison Extractor

MonkeyLearn developed a module that will help you do exactly that.  Once you have posted your content, point your browser to MonkeyLearn’s SEO Demo:

Paste the URL to your content in the first field and the search query or phrase that you think will drive the crowds to your content.  MonkeyLearn’s crafty primates then use machine learning principles to extract the keywords from your page. Next, they call up the top ten results from one of several engines that use the same search query you did. Based on relevance on the pages (yours and the top ten), a score is generated.

In the example below, you can see that my post on argumentation resources (see ) showed that the term “argumentation” on my post was the most relevant on the page; however it didn’t rate among the other top ten websites using my search phrase, “argumentation, logical fallacies.” That’s good because in time my post will likely rise closer to the top if people search for “argumentation.”

I can also look through the keywords from top ten to see if there are other words I should feature more heavily in my post because they worked for the top ten.  It was interesting to me that my particular search string produced a top ten sites list only once.

Federico Pascual, the CEO of MonkeyLearn, elaborated on how the scores are derived in an email:

The score is a ponderation of the relevance and the number of sites found using that keyword in the top 10 results. The higher the relevance and/or the more sites using a particular keyword, the higher its score!

Keyword Comparison Extractor


Learn More About Keywords and Machine Learning

If you want to learn more about choosing keyword phrases for optimization, the For Dummies guide online can help you out. Doing your keyword research will give your post the boost it needs.

When your spam filter keeps email you don’t want to see out of your inbox, machine learning is working behind the scenes to make that happen. Your credit card company uses machine learning to notice possible cases of fraud.  You just saw an example of machine learning in action as we analyzed a post on Literacy Beat using MonkeyLearn’s SEO keyword extractor demo.

Want to know more about machine learning? The simian artificial intelligence gurus prepared a gentle introduction for you.   If you create an account on MonkeyLearn, you can join a whole troop of monkeys and create your own machine learning modules.

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